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Blossoms Creative

Blossoms Creative is been a Hilverda De Boer customer for forever! I love your company, your quality and most of all, your sales persons. I just have to pause from the crazy holidays for a moment to say how helpful you have been to us over the past few months.

October was a whirlwind! It is one of our largest wedding months and the South American civil war did not help us in any way. You worked so hard on an order for us – many hours over the weekend – to make sure that we received what we needed – or at least something comparable.

You handled this situation like a champ and in the end, we had basically, all that we had ordered. You replaced what we needed, sourcing it from multiple locations, and maintained constant communication with us. This must have been a huge undertaking.

In addition, you & I have also been talking about pampas grass for months. Though I knew that it was out of season, I sold it anyway. When the plumes were very hard to find, you suggested replacement products and continued to work on finding the plumes.

As a result, you found 2200 stems for us from a farm that you work with in Ecuador! It was truly a custom order for the farm and such a huge feat and you even sent us a picture of the guy that harvested it. I felt like I was part of the team and loved being “introduced” to the people that grow for you.

Your work ethic proves itself time after time as you take so many calls and texts from me every night that I need to order. You answers the same webshop questions every week for me and has patience that far exceeds mine. You really, really care and it shows. We feel so taken care of.

I appreciate all that you do and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your outstanding floral quality, your customer service and your great team.”

Blossoms Creative

“ I have been working with Hilverda De Boer for many years and they are the best without a doubt. They have unmatched quality, extensive variety of blooms and exceptional customer service. Each and everyone for the US team is a delight to work with. We cannot imagine doing all the weddings and events that we do without Hilverda De Boer by our side! Thank you for the consistent support.”

– Abu Pabel, Mahir Floral and Event Designs

“Winston Flowers has been importing flowers from Hilverda De Boer for over 30 years. It has always been extremely important to us to have a strong and loyal partnership with our vendors. The relationship with Winston Flowers and Hilverda De Boer is one of the best examples of that. The quality of the flowers and the level of exceptional service has allowed this relationship to flourish over the years. Having the very best flowers available in the world is the Winston Flower signature. So when it comes to Dutch flowers from Holland, Hilverda De Boer is able to consistently provide us with the very best the Dutch markets have to offer.” Winston Flowers

“We are constantly amazed and awed by the beauty that comes from Hilverda De Boer, and the incredible customer service that accompanies every single order. The selection, quality and availability are unparalleled!” – Trapp & Company

“We at L’Olivier Floral Atelier have been purchasing flowers from Hilverda De Boer for over 15 years. We have been extremely happy with the quality of the flowers and their impeccable customer service. With our business being considered the ‘Haute Couture’ of floral design, working with Hilverda De Boer is a must for our clientele.” – L’Olivier Floral Atelier

“The entire team at Cambridge Floral Designs appreciates all the hard work that the HDB USA Team put into their clients! The attention to detail, timeliness, product quality and amazing customer service are just a few reasons why we trust in their product. Product quality is an extremely important detail in our line of work and they exceed all expectations. Thank you for all your hard work, it never goes unrecognized.” – Cambridge Floral Designs

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Hilverda De Boer for over 15 years. Their professionalism and reliability are unmatched within the industry. Previously, our main problem with Holland purchases was the communication gap – Hilverda Team USA has solved that and many other issues. We receive daily emails of product from all over the world that gives us tremendous exposure to items never available to us before. Attention to detail and customer service are priority number one.” – Scotts Flowers NYC

“Receiving flowers from Hilverda De Boer is like Christmas morning for us here at Parie Designs! Absolutely one of our favorite things to do is open those beautiful pink boxes. The quality is stunning, & our clients are constantly amazed when we tell them their flowers came all the way from Holland!” – Parie Designs/Secret Garden

“ROCKSTARS! The crew at Hilverda de Boer are Rockstars in the flower world! We have ordered flowers from them every week for many years and are continually impressed. Hilverda de Boer offers the highest quality of flowers, the most variety, fantastic customer care and incredibly fair prices.” – Tall Tulips

“Since the nineteen-nineties we’ve bought our flowers from Hilverda de Boer. Always fresh, always reliable. Great staff, very knowledgeable.” – Lenox Hill

garden gate

“We have used Hilverda De Boer for over twenty years now. They are extremely reliable, and very consistent in the quality of the flowers. I need a source that is reliable. When I have an event requiring certain colors I need a supplier with that will provide a consistent product in the correct color. I depend on Hilverda de Boer, their flowers are fresh, great product, almost never any waste and they are very reliable.” – Garden Gate

“Hilverda De Boer provides amazing quality flower and exceptional service.” – Posy Flowers

“Unparalleled quality, exquisite varieties, and the most knowledgeable people in the business.” – Carolyn Shepard

“The flowers we receive from Hilverda DeBoer never disappoint. The quality and varieties are what we, and our clients, appreciate and have come to expect for a top-of-the line floral design company. In addition to a great product, the service and reliability of the entire team is flawless, and always appreciated!” – Renny & Reed

“When I receive my boxes of flowers from Hilverda De Boer , I can’t wait to dig in and see what beautiful blossoms have arrived. The quality and selection is bar none the very best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have bought flowers directly from Holland for many years and Hilverda De Boer’s quality and pricing are by far the best. The U.S. team is great as well Bas, Marco, and Jennifer have been nothing short of great, any issue that arises they are on the mark and quick to resolve.” – Plaza Flowers, NYC

“We love working with Hilverda De Boer! They offer consistent, high quality products at reasonable prices. Plus, there are no surprises! Shortly after you place your order, Hilverda De Boer is able to confirm availability with their growers. On the off chance that something isn’t available, they’ll will let you know so you can find it elsewhere. From a designer’s standpoint, that information is invaluable. We couldn’t imagine a wedding season without Hilverda De Boer!” – Munster Rose (Named one of Martha Stewart’s Top Wedding Floral Designers)