Dutch flight schedule per port

We ship out NEXT AVAILABLE SHIPPING OPPORTUNITY from the day of PORT ARRIVAL to your destination on your preferred shipping method:

  • Truck route
  • Fed Ex
  • Commuter airline

Please consult with your account manager to choose your personalized option.  We always recommend building a “cushion day” into your schedule to account for possible flight delays.

New York Dutch schedule

  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday > Tuesday Port Arrival
  • Order Monday > Wednesday Port Arrival
  • Order Tuesday > Thursday Port Arrival
  • Order Wednesday > Friday Port Arrival
  • Order Thursday > Saturday Port Arrival
  • Order Thursday > Monday  Port Arrival

Chicago Dutch schedule

  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday > Tuesday Port Arrival
  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday > Wednesday port arrival
  • Order Monday /Tuesday > Thursday Port Arrival
  • Order Wednesday/Thursday > Saturday  Port Arrival

Miami Dutch schedule

  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday > Tuesday  Port Arrival
  • Order Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday > Saturday  Port Arrival

Dallas Dutch schedule

  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday > Wednesday  Port Arrival
  • Order Wednesday/Thursday > Sunday  Port Arrival

Los Angeles Dutch schedule

  • Order Friday/Saturday/Sunday > Tuesday Port Arrival
  • Order Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday > Saturday Port arrival

Non Dutch items / offers

South American (Roses, Garden Roses, Columbian Hydrangea & Novelties), Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, US Greens, California, South African novelties and more:

  • All offered online in your webshop  and port arrival date noted on the offer!
  • Order 7+ days out for midweek Port Arrival
  • Order 10+ days out for early week Port Arrival

We also have FedEx direct from Holland to your door!

  • Price list out every Friday
  • Place order by 3:00pm CT on Friday via phone/email
  • Place order by 10:00pm CT on Sunday via Webshop

Delivery Wednesday the following week direct to your door!

You can order your flowers via de webshop, app or contact our sales team! Read more about how to order.

How to pick up from your local airport

Need more detailed info? Let us know.

Contact us for details!